Trauma Informed Psychedelic Mentorship Sessions for Individuals and Couples

Psychedelic experiences can be some of the most powerful and impactful experiences of a person’s life. 

Working with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can also be destabilizing and disorienting especially within the context of a culture that does not have the necessary structures of support already woven into its fabric. 

As a certified Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator, I offer preparation and integration support for people who would like to leverage the insights that come through their visionary experiences and transform them into new habits so that they can make lasting changes in their lives.

Trauma Informed Psychedelic Mentorship Sessions Can Include:

Guidance and support around choosing a safe guide, shaman or center for your psychedelic experience

Guidance on having a safe and successful psychedelic experience at home

On-call phone or text support while you are journeying

Support preparing your mindset and setting your intentions for a safe and successful journey

Support with integration and meaning-making after a journey so that you can transform your visionary experience into habits and insights that support lasting change in your life.

Microdosing support


1 month package includes: 

  • 1 prep session, 
  • 1 integration session 
  • Unlimited on-call journey support 
  • $500 paid in full

3 month package includes

  • 6 bi-weekly preparation and integration strategy sessions 
  • unlimited on-call journey support 
  • $500/month or $1350 paid in full ($150 savings)

6 month package includes: 

  • 12 bi-weekly preparation or integration strategy sessions 
  • unlimited on-call journey support 
  • $500/month or $2700 paid in full ($300 savings)

(I offer need-based sliding scales and payment plans.)

I sought out Juliana’s psychedelic integration in support of healing from a sexual assault. I felt stuck and unable to move on from it despite years of talk therapy. After doing a lot of research I was certain that psychedelics could be a useful tool if I had someone to help me integrate what emerged. Juliana created a container where I felt safe and supported and was able to talk about what happened to me without shame. Her ease around the topic of sexual assult helped to normatlize my experience and shifted the way I thought and talked about it. Working with Juliana changed the course of my healing. It’s no exaggeration to say that my work with her has changed my life.