online Somatic Sexuality Coaching for Individuals and Couples 

Somatic Sexuality Coaching sessions are a way to gain clarity about your deepest sexual desires and intentions. So often, we enter into sex without much of an idea of what we really want or how to get there. 

If you, like many of us, feel confusion about your sexuality due to shame and cultural conditioning or feel that sex is more of a collection of performative habits and routines that do not honor the authentic expression of who you are, then Somatic Sex Education Sessions can be a powerful way to reclaim your erotic wholeness. 

Somatic Sexuality Coaching creates a map back to the most tuned in and turned on version of yourself.

Somatic Sexuality Coaching can support you to:

Identify, clarify and communicate your desires

Feel more comfortable in your desires by identifying your core erotic themes

Explore conscious kink and power dynamics

Renegotiate and clarify relationship agreements

Navigate non-monogamy

Partner with your body and integrate trauma through self genital and/or anal mapping

Cultivate a nourishing self-pleasure practice

Communicate your boundaries

Learn to be a more attuned and more confident lover


1 x 60 minute Sexual Tune-up Session- $222 

3 x 60 Minute Session Package- $555 

6 x 60 Minute Session Package- $1111

It took a long time to even voice my need for some support with past sexual trauma and confusion and then longer still to reach out for some help.  The anxiety I felt leading up to my sessions with Juliana melted away almost immediately upon meeting her and the time we spent together was deeply healing, illuminating and joyful.  She helped me see through some very fundamental parts of my patterning and opened me to releasing some old wounds and welcoming in wellness.  I’m grateful for her skill, compassion and presence and hope to work with her more.


In-Person Sexological Bodywork Sessions 

Sexological Bodywork is trauma informed, pleasure-centered, hands-on erotic education. 

Many of us receive sex education that is centered around fear and disease. But what about pleasure? What about intimacy? What about desire and choice? 

I create a space of permission and safety where you can explore your own unique erotic wellness. 

All in person sessions are held in my beautiful studio in Brattleboro, Vermont. 

Sexological Bodywork Sessions Can Include: 

Practice identifying, clarifying and communicating your deepest erotic desires

Exploring conscious kink, power dynamics and bold sensation

Scar tissue remediation for genital scars

Navigating and healing painful sex

Genital and/or anal mapping for healing and pleasure

Support in cultivating a nourishing self-pleasure practice

Practicing embodied boundaries

Learn to be a more attuned and more confident lover

Understanding and unlocking the pleasure of the urethral sponge (g-spot)

Exploring the prostate for pleasure and healing

Support with common "sexual dysfunctions" such as PE and ED


1 x 90 minute Sexual Tune-up Session- $450 

3 x 90 Minute Session Package- $1200 

6 x 90 Minute Session Package- $2000

As a consequence of several surgeries, I had painful scarring and dysfunction in areas that physical therapists avoid. Juliana is a uniquely sensitive and progressive healer who gently and effectively relieved my pain and as a consequence, my anxiety. With complete confidence, I recommend Juliana for anyone who needs her therapeutic services.