Expanding Together is an individualized intimacy mentorship for couples who know that more is possible in their relationship. 

It is for the couple who knows that a relationship is a sacred altar of healing, growth and possibility. 

Expanding Together is for you if:

You are on the medicine path and would like to mindfully and safely incorporate the teachings of expanded states of consciousness into your relationship for deeper connection, healing and growth.

You know that strong and healthy intimacy that feels spacious, generous and nourishing is the glue that keeps your relationship together but you do not quite know how to get there.

You are looking to expand your capacity for pleasure, get more comfortable communicating about your boundaries and desires and learn new skills for play and connection.

You are uninspired, dissociated, triggered or disconnected during sex.

You need support processing imprints of shame, trauma or neglect so that you can connect with yourself and your lover in the ways that you know in your heart are possible.

You are in the process of updating your relationship structure or agreements and are ready to have the hard conversations with as much grace, compassion and love as possible.

You would like to connect with a like-minded community of conscious couples devoted to the medicine path.

The Expanding Together Program will guide you around my signature relational medicine wheel framework giving you a holistic map for cultivating and sustaining a thriving relationship.

Psychedelics (East): Journey Preparation; Journey Integration; Remote Journey Support; Creative Relationship Visioning

Your most intimate relationships can be a vessel for great transformation. 

Psychedelics can help you to expand your idea of what you believe to be possible in your relationship. 

When you expand your idea of what you believe is possible, you begin to embody the relationship that you truly desire.

Sexuality (South): Communicating Desire; Boldly Embodied Pleasure; Exploring Power Dynamics; Inviting Play

Our sexuality is an expression of our soul. 

Somatic sexuality coaching is pleasure-centered, trauma informed coaching that can include communicating boundaries and desires, exploring kink and power dynamics, incorporating more play and vulnerability into sex and understanding your own unique erotic blueprint.

Rites of Passage (West)-  Marking Transitions; Clarifying Relationship Agreements; Acknowledging Changes

Within one relationship we go through so many transitions, the majority of which get overlooked. 

Our society acknowledges marriage as the one and only relational rite of passage but there are so many more such as transitioning into parenthood, changing our relationship structure, the loss of a loved one, and many more. 

A healthy relationship acknowledges and honors  its many transitions and iterations.

Trauma (North)- Healing Attachment Wounds; Understanding Trauma and the Nervous System; Unwinding Shame; Working with Trauma Imprints

Understanding your attachment traumas, your ancestral relational legacy, and how they shape your nervous system and intimacy patterns is vital to creating aligned relationships.

Unwinding imprints of shame, neglect and abuse in the body creates space for you to step into deeper clarity and alignment with yourself and your partner so that you can create the relationship that you really desire.

What You Get: 

  • 2 x 90 minute remote sessions per month so that you stay accountable to your relationship goals 
  • Unlimited text support via Signal so that you always have support when you need it
  • On-call remote journey support so that you can journey in the comfort of your own home knowing that I will be available if you get stuck. 
  • Support preparing for, embarking on, and integrating medicine journeys aligned with the medicine of the season.


  • A couple’s astrology reading with a skilled guest astrologer so that you can more deeply understand your strengths and challenges as a couple ($200 value) 
  • Free access to all monthly couple’s integration circles and all of my  pop-up workshops so that you can meet other like-minded couples and receive the support of community. ($200 value) 
  • An individualized online portal of ongoing resources to support you on your journey


Payment Plan: $700 Deposit + $500 /month 

Pay in Full: $6500 (Save $200!)