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Boldly Embodied is not only the name of my practice.

Boldly Embodied is an invitation, a manifesto, and my prayer for you, for me, and for the world.

Hello, my name is Juliana Rose. I am a somatic sex educator, sexological bodyworker, psychedelic integration coach and pleasure doula. In other words, I support humans to live more Boldly Embodied Lives.

What does it mean to live a Boldly Embodied Life?

Well, I have dedicated my life to figuring that out and now I welcome you on that quest too!

Whether you are healing scar tissue of the body or scar tissue of the psyche, there is something here for you. 

As a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse and complex trauma, I approached my work with Juliana with caution and trepidation. In my first, and subsequent visits, I was always made to feel safe, especially when an old fear would get triggered by a sound, smell, touch or just plain old suspicion. 

Juliana has the rare skill to listen with her heart and to speak and guide from that spaciousness. Her compassion, understanding and gentleness were always present and palpable in our sessions. She championed me to find my voice, my comfort zones, to set boundaries and to know that I am not broken. 

Juliana is that rare breed of a gifted person with a passion to help others know and embody their wholeness and uniqueness.


Working with Juliana has been helpful to me on many levels – she meets me where I’m at with caring and integrity, and thoughtfully has encouraged me to be clear about my boundaries and gently lean into my discomfort. She takes me seriously, and approaches me in a wholistic way, leaving me feeling more grounded and connected to myself. She has helped me clarify what I want (and don’t want!), and validated what I’m feeling as a new mom. Thank you!