There are three distinct ways for you to step onto the medicine path with me and those are through my microdosing protocol, integration coaching or booking a private retreat.

I look forward to wandering with you for a while…

This is one of the most honest and impactful microdosing protocols out there and, after years of impact, it is ready to be shared with you! Learn how to work intuitively, energetically, and physically with mushroom medicine to heal yourself and the planet.

Step out of your busy life to commune deeply with yourself and Earth Medicine.

As a certified Somatic Integration Coach, I offer preparation and integration support for people who would like to leverage the insights that come through their visionary experiences and transform them into new habits so that they can make lasting changes in their lives.

I sought out Juliana’s psychedelic integration in support of healing from a sexual assault. I felt stuck and unable to move on from it despite years of talk therapy. After doing a lot of research I was certain that psychedelics could be a useful tool if I had someone to help me integrate what emerged. Juliana created a container where I felt safe and supported and was able to talk about what happened to me without shame. Her ease around the topic of sexual assult helped to normatlize my experience and shifted the way I thought and talked about it. Working with Juliana changed the course of my healing. It’s no exaggeration to say that my work with her has changed my life.